How do we produce winners?

We test 30+ hooks, 10+ main storylines, 20+ call to actions and many actors to find the best performing video for your app.

We have driven 80m+ installs on TikTok alone. With a combined 70m followers on our TikTok accounts, we are a team obsessed with driving creative performance which is what makes us so good at what we do

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Apps that have benefited from our services

And a lot more.
Want to see the videos that crushed performance?

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Our business model

Our clients don't care if we produce 30 or 200 videos, they want performance.
That's why our business model is the following:

CPI Payout campaign

For apps that are eligible, we can start with a CPI payout campaign, where we produce the creatives and run our campaign on TikTok.

You pay us for every install we drive. We commit to creating 150+ videos & variants to get the best results.

Switch model based on your needs

After a few weeks, or whenever you feel confident about our value, we can switch to a flat-fee model with a base fee starting at $5k/month.
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Focus on non-gaming apps

We focus on apps in the consumer social, live-streaming, health/fitness, Utilities/Productivity, and Lifestyle space.

We DO NOT STOP producing videos & iterations until we find performance for your app. Our success is measured by CPI, CPA, and ROAS.

Ready for your most performing TikTok videos?
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