Tired of missing out on UGC brand deals?


1. Pick one campaign šŸ¤ 2. Record & Submit your video šŸŽ„ 3. Get Paid in 24h šŸ’° 4. Use a secondary TikTok account, don't spam your audience 5. Produce multiple videos for the same campaign šŸ’ø Start monetizing your content in just 5min by signing up šŸ‘‡

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New way of doing UGC

Too many UGC agencies don't put creators as their #1 priority.

No need to pitch to brands šŸ¤©

Everyone who registers on the site has access to all the opportunities.

No revision No back & forth šŸ’˜

Viraaal approves the video in less than 24 h and gives you feedback on how to improve. No need to redo your video.

24h Payout Process šŸ¤‘

Viraaal pays you in maximum 24 hours after your video is approved.

Submit videos at your pace šŸ˜‡

It's when you want where you want ! You can post 20 videos one week and 0 the next. We adapt to you and not the other way around.

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