How we operate

Once we sign a simple IO: we collect your assets, brand guidelines/brief, and your past best/worst videos. From there we research the best storylines for your app and start the following 3-step plan below:
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[48 hours]

Our team + our customGPT write scripts trained on 100k+ videos produced. Our actors receive those scripts instantly. They record multiple takes. Our video editors then edit the best takes and send to testing.

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Automated testing
[3-7 days]

No-one knows what will work on TikTok, so we produce & test 150+ videos & variants to find great winners for you. We learn what works well for your app and re-inject that into new scripts constantly.

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Iterations on winners

When we produce a winning ad, we continue improving it by adding variations and testing more actors using the same script. TikTok is a numbers game and we’ve built the pipeline to test large quantities of videos efficiently.